Training Plans

Option 2 – £120 (one off payment)

This option of SW Fitness Online Training is a personalised training Program and Diet Plan which is built specifically around your lifestyle, training history and most importantly your 3 to 6-month fitness objectives.

Option 2 includes the following:

1. Online Training Information Pack

This comprehensive pack includes all the details on what the hell everything means, from supersets to the benefits of protein, it’s all in there to guide you along the way.

2. Questionnaire

To get things moving we will first send over a pretty in-depth questionnaire, all the info will help us develop a greater understanding about your current lifestyle, diet and goals.

3. Tailor-Made Program

Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we will then write you a bespoke program which is specifically designed to meet your needs and guide you to achieving the objectives you wished for.

4. Diet Plan

As part of option 2 we will also produce a diet plan which includes the calculated macro and calorie figures you need to be consuming on a daily basis. This will ensure you are eating the appropriate levels of Protein, Carbs and Fats to compliment your bespoke training program.

5. “Kick off” video/voice call

This phone or video call is to answer any questions and uncertainty you may have, to ensure you are happy, confident and ready to go!

6. Instagram Account access

This account gives you all the “how to demo videos” for each exercise so you can watch and learn for yourself.