Whatever your goal, or where you are starting from we can help anyone realise their fitness goals

Andrea is super focused and committed, over 12 months she achieved incredible physical changes and gains in confidence.
Nug Nug sashed it, Fat % sub 6% and a huge 7kg of muscle growth, shows what 6 days  of training can achieve.
Enock progressed quickly gaining muscle and losing over 2% body fat in 12 weeks.
Gustavo - Body Fat 17% drop to 8% and a whopping 6.5kg of muscle growth... Amazing results and an amazing guy.
Henry had a great base to start, but he struggled to develop thickness. With strength and size training he gained 4kg of muscle in 12 weeks.
Josh further improved his sports model physique, over 12 weeks he had reduced body fat and improved his physique even further.
Louise set on a 12 week transformation with 3 1-1 sessions per week, self guided cardio and a diet plan. Louise achieved great results.
Luke has a traditional lean and long body type and finds it hard to gain muscle. With a combination bulking diet and training he increased mass.
Matthew had never stepped foot into a gym and in 12 weeks followed every detail of his diet and training plans, he lost almost 10% body fat.
Ray - Super driven for results, a reduction of 4% body fat and some serious gains in power.
New to training 2kg of fat dropped, 4kg of muscle gained and a huge improvement in core and postural strength.
Zee - It speaks for itself... dedication, focused training and the nutritionally controlled diet... works a treat.


Switching from gym training to home training seemed very daunting, and i feared it just wasn’t possible to train hard at home but i was proved very wrong with Steve’s help

Steve showed me very new ways of working with limited equipment which still enabled me to hit the muscle hard and make gains. I also felt a responsibility to keep with my training as i had a session every week to show progress

I made much more progress with Steve than I would have on my own.

Mathew James Smith

Steve is at the top of his game as a personal trainer marrying solid technical understanding of how the body works with diligent, upbeat, healthily balanced routines.

He translates this perfectly to virtual training.

A Joe Wickes for the elastic band brigade, Steve figured out the perfect home solution to resistance training and set about designing routines and helping people to stay well and in shape in the smartest & most practical way possible in these trying times.

Tim Macready

Due to the lockdown, I’ve been working with Steve via Zoom for several weeks now. The first point to make is that it helps to be instructed, both for motivation and for successful outcomes. It also helps that there is variety between sessions. This isn’t so easy to achieve when your equipment is likely to be limited to a few resistance bands and a few weights, perhaps, but Steve manages to keep the sessions lively and varied.

Who ever knew what could be achieved with resistance bands and household furniture in combination!

Personal training will always be just that-the emphasis is equally on the personal as well as the training. I’d rather be in the gym, but I can safely say that with Steve, we are making the best of the available alternative.

Tony Foster

I have trained at JH with Steve for getting on for 9 months now and had begun to see some real changes – both to my posture (the main reason for starting sessions with him) but generally in my physique.

When the lockdown came and the gym closed, I was at a loss as to what to do next. However, as inventive as ever, Steve suggested that we try “virtual training” or as he liked to call it “VT with a PT”.

I was very sceptical. For me one of the key functions of a PT is to supervise my form whilst training and also to stretch me with weight overloading – something that I find difficult. Anyway, Steve persuaded me, and we started.

After a couple of sessions it became obvious that to get the most out of VT you need to have a minimum set of equipment at home: a set of four bands, a yoga mat, a roll-out wheel and a stand for my mobile phone where it holds it but I can alter the height and angle easily.

Once we had sorted the practicalities out, the sessions were simply amazing. My scepticism, whilst a healthy thing, was unwarranted.

My progress has continued, and, in all honesty, the classes are way more efficient – no time wasted in travelling to/ from JH; no waiting for equipment; and of course, total social distancing. Because i can set the phone at whatever angle or height Steve requires, his perspective on me exercising is the same as were he next to me in the gym.

The whole VT experience has been positive and one i would recommend to anyone. U need the minimum of equipment as I outlined but once u have that, VT whilst different to a gym PT session, is just as good.

Stuart Dootson

Steve has been a life saver on so many fronts. As an emergency service front line worker trying to keep in good physical and mental health has been tough. When gyms were open, I would fit the gym into my schedule however due to CO-VID19 that hasn’t been possible. Having Steve able to be in my living room when it is convenient to me has been great.

As a trainer Steve is extremely perceptive and adept and he pushes and challenges me whether in person or in his virtual form. He has devised an effective and result producing program to suit my current situation, limited equipment and limited space and he balances this with great training tips and nutritional advice. I look forward to my sessions with Steve and always feel much better afterwards.

Steve’s drive and consideration of my needs and limitations are everything I could want in a trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking solid results from someone who is considerate of you as an individual and not just another client.

Ashley Hargreaves-Smith

I originally approached Steve to train me in 2018 after an increase in my weight due to post operation recovery. I couldn’t find the motivation to do it myself so through recommendations approached Steve.

The results were amazing and over a period of months, I lost 3 stone and toned up to a shape I haven’t achieved since my earlier years of working as a professional dancer.

Since the lockdown, I found some online classes hard to do because of space issues and general motivation I resorted to online cookery YouTube classes and found the weight piling on, and losing definition and tone. Both my partner and I contacted Steve yet again to help with getting our training motivation back again.

Over 6 sessions so far, we have sweated, ached, been pushed and motived to carry on when you just wanted to stop. With his training and diet & nutrition plans, we are now toning, losing weight and generally feeling so much better and seeing results.

Our training sessions are hard, but Steve sees what is needed, balances the session workout between both our abilities and importantly makes them fun and informative.

I would recommend Steve to anybody that feels they have lost their mojo and can’t find the motivation to push themselves to the next level during this crazy climate.

Be it in person or online training with Steve is now a vital part of our week and our physical and mental health journey.

Mark Short

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Louise decided to join SW Fitness and take control of her personal fitness, read about her 12 week transformation.

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