Kellen De Bruijn

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Kellen De Bruijn


Kellen was born and raised in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. He has always taken a strong interest in all forms of sport, ranging from football to tennis, rugby and cricket. His keen love and drive for sport led him to discover his passion for bodybuilding at the tender age of 13, where he began to engage with highly qualified professionals and his first personal trainer. This was the beginning of his journey to educate himself on the intricacies of fitness, and how to help others reach their goals.

He also excelled in academics in the Cambridge curriculum whilst perusing a challenging career in supercar motor racing. Being one of the leading competitors for the championships, he developed the necessary discipline and determination to overcome adversity, which supported his drive in his current bodybuilding journey.

Moving to the UK in early 2022 with his family, Kellen’s dream was realised of building a future to help others succeed in achieving their goals. He continues to expand his knowledge and experience every day and after many years of research in bodybuilding and fitness, will be able to use every tool available to him to get you to where you want to be in fitness and health.

Philosophy on exercise and well being 

Kellen has a very hands on approach to training and nutrition, and believes everyone has a desired version of themselves they are striving to achieve. This can be reached with the correct support and personal interest in development, which he offers.

Through his belief that mindset and attitude are just as important as taking action, Kellen will be able to train not only your physical body, but your mental discipline to become that perfect version of yourself that he knows is only a few steps away from being a reality.


  • Active IQ Level 3 diploma in Personal training
  • Active IQ Level 2 diploma in Fitness Instructing
  • Active IQ Level 4 diploma Strength & Conditioning

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