Training Plans

Training Plans For You

SW Fitness have created a series of training plans for any type of fitness goal.  For a one off fee you will receive your plan, which contains everything you need to be successful


What is an SW Fitness Training Plan

1. Training

Full exercise plan configured to your goal.

Learn which exercises will unlock your goals, be they building muscle, toning or burning fat .

2. Diet

Full diet and nutrition plan to support your physical goals.

Develop your knowledge and understanding of macros and calorie planning.

3. Support

A Premium Instagram Channel for full exercise demonstrations.

Carry exercise demos in your pocket so you don’t get stuck SW Fitness is always helping you.

1. Choose Your Goal

Function & Endurance

Designed to maximise weight loss and increase stamina while you do it, the intensity helps you develop both aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Size & Strength

Specifically designed for those focussing on growing and adding size, the training combines lower reps, so you push to your max, with longer rest periods before repeating to challenge your muscles.

Lean Gains & Rip

Configured to develop a tight well-proportioned muscular physique, when combining this exercise style with the recommended diet you will start stripping fat but also keep the strength and look to your physique.

Fat Loss & Tone

Fat Loss & Tone is for beginners who want to control their weight and start to condition their physique.  The training style will be intense, getting your heart pumping to burn stored fat, and improving your aerobic fitness.

Why SW Fitness Training Plans


Focused to your Goal

You choose the SW Fitness plan that matches your goal from gaining muscle to developing your athletic performance, each plan is configured differently to unlock your goal


Configured to you

You configure the SW Fitness training plan to your weight and the number of days you want to commit per week, so that you have a plan to underpin your goals


Experience but without cost

Each SW Fitness plan is underpinned by years of experience from hundreds of clients and professional qualifications in exercise and nutrition, you can receive this support at a fraction of the cost of one to one training


Learn new skills

Learn more about your body, what works for your physique and how to get the most form each gym session, the training plan is yours to keep helping you learn more as you progress, backed-up with online exercise videos