Virtual Personal Training (V.PT)

Virtual Personal Training (V.PT)

Virtual Personal Training delivered to you in your own comfortable space.

Whatever your personal fitness objective; this unique tailormade training provides you with safety and flexibility to achieve your goals!


Whatever your objectives Virtual Personal Training will ensure that you continue to progress never having to miss a training session. Just because there is no gym or fancy equipment, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same results.

Virtual Personal Training can provide additional benefits on reaching your fitness goals; which fixed machines you find in the gym cannot.

Through V.PT you will find you can increase core strength and stability, less strain on your skeletal posture and enhanced control, stability & overall muscle endurance.


Achieving your physical & fitness goals is underpinned by what food you consume; “we are what we eat” so by building a nutritionally balanced diet supports you in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

By developing a diet in partnership with you, helping you understand the importance of Proteins, Carbs and Fats helps you recognise the impact they have on your training and your fitness.


From your own personal space, you can always find a time to exercise, V.PT gives you that freedom to do so without the need for a fully equipped gym.

From home gyms to your own back garden, with a resistance bands and tailor made virtual personal training there is no need for you to miss your daily exercise.


Exercise provides a welcome distraction to the pressures of daily life and is a proven way to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Daily exercise has huge health benefits not only physical but more-so psychologically; providing short blast of endorphins to long term inner happiness, training from your own personal space will help ensure you feel fresh and fit.

Why Virtual Personal Training


Self Esteem & Confidence

Feel safe and secure in your own environment to focus on developing more confidence as you reach your goals, building self-esteem as you achieve the look you want


Variety & Creativity

Whether it’s Resistance, Functional or even Endurance, whatever your style of training we can deliver unique precision point training to challenge the body to its maximum level


Guidance & Motivation

Expert guidance anywhere anytime using home equipment and body weight to train your body to realise results safely, and with friendly challenge



Learn more about your body and how to really use the muscles effectively and efficiently through better mind to muscle control


A Joe Wickes for the elastic band brigade!

Tim Macready

Steve sees what is needed, balances the session workout between both our abilities and importantly makes them fun and informative.

Mark Short

Steve showed me very new ways of working with limited equipment.

Matt Smith

Steve manages to keep the sessions lively and varied.

Tony Foster

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