Virtual Yoga Classes

Virtual Yoga Classes

Yoga classes from the comfort and privacy of your own space.

As long as you have room to put down a mat, you can enjoy a personalised yoga class, or join in for a small virtual group class.

Virtual Yoga Session


In spite of what many people think, yoga is suitable for everyone. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga; as a practice it’s designed (and can be tailored) to meet each person’s specific needs.

Whether it’s working on flexibility, mobility, core work, strength building, balance or breath engagement and mindfulness, a regular yoga practice will help you reach your goals.

Mindfulness / Yoga for Anxiety

A key benefit that yoga brings is the practice of mindfulness: being present in the moment, learning to focus on the immediate task at hand, regulating and deepening your breath to help find moments of calm – something incredibly valuable during these uncertain times.

Regular yoga classes are not only a form of exercise, but can also be designed around helping you manage moments of anxiety.

Group Sessions

Online yoga classes can also be offered to small groups – you can share a session with friends, family, colleagues, etc.

These sessions can also be personalised to fit around a common goal, or they can be done as a style of yoga known as Vinyasa Flow, which is led by the teacher and is a fluid style of yoga focused on tying together the breath and your movements.


With Virtual Yoga Classes there’s no need to rush to get to class, you can have a session from wherever you are, as long as you have enough room to lay down a mat.

An added benefit to this is that if you’re feeling a little shy, or daunted if you’re trying yoga for the first time, the session will remain completely private between you and your teacher, and you get to work in an environment that feels familiar and comfortable to you.

Yoga Pose
Yoga Pose
Yoga Pose

Why Virtual Yoga Classes?


Patience & Understanding

Learn to engage with your breath with your body and how it moves, as well as building up patience, kindness and understanding within yourself as you progress through different sequences and movements.



At the core of yoga is the connection we make between breath, body and mind, and as you move through the practice and move closer to your goals, you’ll also start to build up more confidence within yourself and your abilities.


Variety & Personalisation

Whether you’re working on building strength, flexibility, moving through a more intense cardio-vascular session, or taking a deeper slower class yoga offers a wide variety of poses and movements to keep challenging yourself.


Guidance & Motivation

Sessions tailored to your needs and a teacher that is focused only on you means you’ll move safely and more confidently through your sequences.

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