Louise’s Story

Louise came to SW Fitness to help her realise her body goals, in 12 weeks she transfromed herself

Louise became a SW Fitness client when she saw one of our adverts, and whilst Louise was used to being in a gym, she had felt that she was not making the progress she wanted, and it was getting harder to achieve the same results.

We helped build a personalised 12-week transformation programme, focused purely on Louise, her goals and something that would work for her.  We combined a diet that designed around Louise and gym time with SW Fitness that helped stretch and challenge Louise’s existing gym knowledge.

In 12-weeks Louise achieved great things losing 5.5 kgs. (12.12 lbs) and taking 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) from her waist and reduced bodyfat by 7.6%.

My legs were like jelly but the team were great

Starting personal training was quite a nerve-wracking thing, I saw an SW Fitness promotion and I got in touch.  We had an initial chat and I decided to take advantage of the free taster session.  The taster was great it gave me a chance to meet the team and Steve and Paul asked lots of questions about me, why I wanted to do this, how I exercise today, and you have to be honest!

For me, making the decision to commit to this 12-week programme was hard. I like food and drinking with friends, but felt really unhappy with my body, so wanted to make a big change.

As part of the introduction Paul took some measurements, so we knew my starting position and had something to track against.  Standing there in my Sports Bra and Shorts having my body fat percentage wasn’t the most fun I’ve had, but Paul was really professional and put me at ease.

The initial weeks were challenging but I learnt a lot

In the early weeks I was learning more about the different training techniques, how to do the movements correctly so not to hurt myself and to get the most out of each exercise.  I could quickly feel my strength building, enjoyed the variation in exercises. I would see Paul or Steve in the gym three times a week and also needed to do some form of cardio myself xx times a week.

I tried a few different types of cardio to find one that really worked for me, a combination of running, Spin and High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) worked for me.  I found that my stamina and confidence really increased, one day deciding to push from 5km to 10kms and beating it.  The activities in the gym made a difference to my everyday life.

In a first of my adult life I went for a run on my birthday and had didn’t have a big boozy night out to celebrate, and that felt fine.

If I can do it anyone can, it will change your life

But over the last 12 weeks I have changed my whole lifestyle, this wasn’t a fad diet or something short-term. The support and motivation from everyone at SW Fitness was amazing, I have a set of tools now to help me in both exercise and food choices.

The change in my body measurements and how I feel speak for themselves, I didn’t need to give up the things I enjoy, just some tweaks here and there.

I feel so much more confident in and out of the gym and, I’m certain I will maintain this new approach and have the strength to keep going with this lifestyle

How did SW Fitness help Louise?

We are all so proud of Louise and what she has achieved. This is Louise’s win.  All the effort was hers.  From day one Louise was committed to her goals; we agreed what she wanted to achieve, explained what she would have to do, the things she would have to tweak and, she just went for it.

We introduced Louise to a series of in gym exercises focusing on the key areas of the body.  These are exercises that are suitable for everyone, they really help boost the metabolism to burn fat and tone in the right areas.  Exercises like squats and bench press help work big areas of the body and are really safe with the correct technique.

Louise followed the diet we agreed together, which retaught the basics of food, what you should eat and when, it’s not all about chicken and vegetables, but learning new lessons to enjoy food and get the right nutrients. The right fuel helps the body run better and achieve the results you want.  The cardio that Louise added not only helped with fat burning, but really supported Louise’s overall fitness development.

Well done Louise and thanks for choosing to SW Fitness.

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