SW Fitness exists to support our clients to realise their physical goals and achieve mental wellbeing.

We are an established UK based fitness brand with over 10 years experience. Our focus is to strengthen the elements of both Body and Mind with a synergistic approach to ensure continual progression to develop a stronger healthier you.

The Style of Training That Best Fits Your Needs

Personal Training session at the gym studio - find out more.

Personal Training

Work closely with one of the team to achieve the results you’ve always wanted through advanced tailor-made training, focusing on all elements of exercise and fitness to guide and support you every step of the way.

Small group training session at the gym studio - find out more.

Small Group Training

Work as a small team to feel supported & motivated by others energy within the group. Small group training helps alleviate that worry about feeling isolated. Whatever your experience or age, working with others is both fun and focused.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy session at the gym studio - find out more.

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Delivering a holistic approach to rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. The combined use of joint mobilising, trigger point release, exercise prescription, postural realignment & adjustments encompasses this hands-on approach to your healthy recovery and lifestyle.

Pre & post natal well-being session at the gym studio - find out more.

Pre & Post Natal Well-Being

Whether your pre- or post-natal we understand it can be daunting to return or begin exercising around the birth of your child, we provide advanced safe tailor-made training to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Online Coaching & Virtual PT sessions available via SW Fitness - find out more.

Online Coaching & Virtual PT

Wherever in the world you may be, SW Fitness can support you with Online Coaching and Virtual Personal Training. Guiding you every step of the way with a well-structured tailor-made exercise or rehab program supported by nutritional guidance and weekly check-ins.

Food preperation services available via SW Fitness - find out more.

SW Food Prep Services

SW Meal Prep is here to help you achieve amazing results through nutritionally balanced meals which have produced using the finest ingredients, never compromising on quality & taste but always balanced to support you on your personal health & lifestyle journey.

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