SW Fitness

SW Fitness exists to support our clients to realise their physical goals and achieve mental wellbeing.

We are an established UK based fitness brand with over 10 years experience. Our focus is to strengthen the elements of both Body and Mind with a synergistic approach to ensure continual progression to develop a stronger healthier you.

The Style of Training That Best Fits Your Needs

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning it all about optimising muscle development through your maximum input within the allocated time, its time to hit it hard and heavy.

This training style is all about achieving size, power and muscle endurance through effective and efficient delivery of training.

Fitness & Functionality

The combination of strength training and functional movements at a higher intensity of delivery will help create that solid, lean, well-structured physique.

Our Fitness & Functionality programs are designed to push the body to its max, its fast pace with lots of dynamic movements with resistance for that overall peak performance.

Tone, Lean & Define

Tone, Lean & Define is combining cardio & resistance training with functional & mobility work to increase your overall fitness and develop that tighter structure with amazing core strength.

Training at a higher intensity level will result in the stripping of excess fat and at the same time achieving a lean strong but supple physique.

Postural & Injury Rehab

The pressure of daily life takes its toll on the body creating many physical issues.

Whether it’s behaviourally postural issues or you’ve experienced injury, we are here to help you iron out those twists, tensions and strains through precision rehabilitation and perfectly executed training methods, combining exercise and mobility work to get you moving properly.

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