Panita Clarke

Reflexology & Thai Masseur

Panita Clarke - Reflexology & Thai Masseur (at SW Fitness Gym Studio in Tarporley, Cheshire)


Panita, raised in Thailand, moved to the UK at the age of 23. As a working mom of two children she took an interest in Thai Massage, as she was fascinated by the benefits and positive effects it has not only on the body, but the mind as well.

She quickly gained knowledge and became qualified in 5 different types of massage, each with it’s own different benefits for general wellbeing.

She specialises in Tok sen, also known as The Hammer, which improves circulation and relieves muscle tightness, massage with hot oils for muscle relaxation, Thai yoga massage to help with tension in the body and flexibility, Japanese bamboo massage to improve the lymphatic system and finally Reflexology to enhance relaxation and sleep.

Philosophy on exercise and well being

Panita understands how much stress can be put through the body on a daily basis, whether it’s physical or mental and believes that focusing on your personal well being can go a long way when it comes to general health and exercise performance.


  • Reflexology
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Tok Sen Massage
  • Japanese Bamboo Massage
  • Hot Oils Massage

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