At SW we have a joined-up approach to physical and mental wellbeing, through Stephen’s experience he has been able to create a service which looks at the bigger picture combining many elements together to achieve outstanding physical results and even better mindfulness.

Whatever you would like to achieve we always begin with a consultation to get to know what really drives you and how we as a team can support and guide you every step of the way.


Personal Trainer with client at the gym studio in Tarporley, Cheshire.

Personal Training

The SW Fitness team understand the deeper reasons we begin our fitness journey and there is no better way than One to One or Duo Personal Training. Starting with a consultation to really understand your needs, they deliver tailor-made personal training to suit your fitness objectives.

Supported by personalised nutritional advice and a whole bucket of motivation, your confidence and self-esteem will grow and develop in each session.

Group training session with clients at the gym studio in Tarporley, Cheshire.

Small Group Training

Delivering a range of small group classes including FuncFIt, FitMob and Yoga for all incorporating many elements to improve overall fitness, core strength and mobility.

Whether you’re new to fitness or an experienced person we understand everyone is a little different in both body and mind which is why we offer classes suited to all aerobic fitness levels and physical ability.

Physiotherapy session with a client at studio in Tarporley, Cheshire.

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

At SW Fitness we deliver a holistic approach to rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, we begin with a consultation and overall physical assessment to really understand your needs, moving forward to tailor-making your treatment and training to ensure your back to full health as swiftly as possible.

The team will help with your preparation and recovery form surgery, ongoing health issues, postural adjustment needs to aid movement and facilitate your optimal health. The combined use of joint mobilising, trigger point release, exercise prescription, postural realignment & adjustments encompasses this hands-on approach to your healthy recovery and lifestyle.

Pre & post natal well-being session with the trainer and client at the studio in Tarporley, Cheshire

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Exercise in general or even entering a gym environment can be often quite intimidating and scary, let alone pre and post pregnancy, especially when there is no information regarding training properly, effectively and safely.

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness levels and structure or regain strength, confidence and general wellbeing regardless of ability, our services assure a fully supported and guided training experience that will help you get on the right track. As per of your training you will receive the appropriate nutritional guidance to help support your training.

Online Coaching & Virtual PT sessions available online via SW Fitness to your home.

Online Coaching & Virtual PT

Wherever in the world you may be, SW Fitness can support you with Online Coaching and Virtual PT, whether you have reached a plateau with your existing training, struggling with your nutrition, lacking confidence & motivation or you don’t even know where to begin, we will provide you with the structure and expertise to elevate your fitness journey and results.

We understand everyone is different so nothing as deliver is generic or overwhelming, we are here to support you every step of the journey, which includes a structured tailor-made program & precisely calculated diet plan to reduce your access weight and build a strong balanced structure.

Whether you just need us at arm’s reach with continued support or guiding you over video call we will ensure you achieve the results you desire

Nutritionally balanced and high quality tasty meals.

SW Food Prep Services

Our Meal Prep service has been developed to simply make life easier and healthier, whether you don’t like cooking, struggling for food ideas or simply just want variety, our meals will be the perfect answer to resolving these problems, yet at the same time being healthy, low fat and precisely macro (proteins, carbs, and fats) calculated meals that taste amazing.

SW Meal Prep is here to help you achieve amazing results through nutritionally balanced meals which have produced using the finest ingredients, never compromising on quality & taste but always balanced to support you on your personal health & lifestyle journey.

Whether you are looking to reduce fat and lean up, gain muscle while managing weight or wanting to gain serious mass we have the meal plan that will compliment your training.

Reflexology & thai massage combining several massage styles.

Reflexology & Thai Massage

Combining several Thai Massage styles including deep tissue with hot oils, Thai yoga massage and Tok sen (the hammer) Our masseur prides themselves on the signature massage which brings together all of the above with the addition of Japanese bamboos and Tok Sen from head to toe both front and back.

Acupuncture & sports massage is designed to alleviate muscle strain and assist with post training recovery.

Acupuncture & Sports Massage

Acupuncture is utilised to treat pain both acute & chronic, alleviate muscle & joint pain, spasm, and tension due to medical issues and post training. This modality promotes general relaxation, can improve sleep patterns to improve energy levels and emotional well-being.

Sports massage used as an intervention is designed to alleviate muscle strain, tension, and assist with post training recovery and injury prevention. This can assist with supporting sports performance, postural adjustments during sporting activity and more efficient metabolic function for good health.

A macro calculated diet plan.

Nutritional Guidance

It’s surprising to know but nutrition contributes a huge 60% of results, you can train everyday but without the correct diet you’ll achieve very little, however if you eat properly and train effectively, you’re on to a winner. You’ll develop a strong body with a better composition, more lean muscle, and low-fat percentage.

We support your training and rehab with the appropriate nutritional guidance throughout your fitness journey with a macro calculated diet plan and a thorough explanation as to why it’s structured in such a way.

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