Personal Training

The SW Fitness team understand the deeper reasons we begin our fitness journey and there is no better way than One to One or Duo Personal Training. Starting with a consultation to really understand your needs, they deliver tailor-made personal training to suit your fitness objectives.

Supported by personalised nutritional advice and a whole bucket of motivation, your confidence and self-esteem will grow and develop in each session.

Developing such a close connection helps bring out the best in someone but also about making the client feel valued, protected, and comfortable.

We are all about perfect physical exercise delivery and execution, keeping you safe and always progressing.


Getting Started

We always begin with a consultation followed by a complementary session to assess your physical ability and understand your needs regarding exercise, ensuring that you get the best experience and deliverance of training out there.

Our purpose is to understand both your Physical and Mental needs to gain positive long-lasting results to help achieve your goals.

We at SW Fitness take pride in the PT – Client relationship to deliver both advanced training and nutritional guidance to support you on your fitness journey.

Whether you are new or experienced in any form of physical activity, it is our mission to make you feel confident and build the trust that will take your training to the next level.


What you can expect

Through our One-to-One Personal Training or Duo Personal Training Services, you can expect the following:


    • Sustainable positive lifestyle changes
    • Medium- and Long-Term Objectives (quick fixes DO NOT WORK)
    • Improve Confidence & Self Esteem
    • fat % management
    • increased muscular strength & condition
    • improve skeletal structure
    • enhanced cardio & muscular endurance
    • proactive injury prevention & remedy
    • improve full body posture
    • improve core strength & stability
    • Improve mental wellbeing
    • overall fitness longevity

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