Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Whether you are looking to have surgery, suffer from a medical condition or struggling with a poor posture the team at SW will ensure you are fighting fit and moving better than ever. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience has helped develop a team to deliver rehabilitation at the highest level with a holistic approach. The team focus on bringing together both mobility and exercise to help overcome long-term suffering from physical challenges. 

At SW Fitness Physiotherapy we understand the value of seeing an expert Physiotherapist is mainly in getting the right diagnosis. The most effective and appropriate physiotherapy treatment flows from that point. 

This begins with an in-depth consultation to understand the details of your issue and your preferences as to physio treatment approach. From there we decide together which of the physiotherapy treatments would be best for you.

Combining treatments which include acupuncture, exercise prescription, mobilisation, manipulations, trigger point release and sports massage to alleviant chronic pain, migraine, stress insomnia and problematic training conditions.

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