One to One Personal Training

With hundreds of happy clients over the years Steve with one to one training you achieve your goals with focused effort inside and outside the gym



Learn the right style of training to support your goals and suit your body.

There is a style of training for everyone that helps achieves acheives results and keeps them motivated.



Achieving your physical goals is underpinned by what you put in your body. 

We develop a diet in partnership with you, helping you learn nutrition good habits, and something you can stick to.



The link between the physical and mental balance exercise unlocks.

Help develop not only a better physical you, but also a better mental you with the benefits of exercise.



Execise provides a welcome distraction to the stresses of life.

Developing mindfulness during exercise can relieve stress, make you feel good and even make your workouts better.


Why One to One Training


Self Esteem & Confidence

Develop new confidence as you reach your goals, building more confidence as you acheive the look you want


Variety & Creativity

Rather than do the same thing every gym session, each session will be unique to keep the body guess and keep challenging


Guidance & Motivation

Learn the right way to use gym equipment and to train your body to realise results safely, and with friendly challenge


Learn Skills

Learn more about your body, what works or your physique and how to get the most from each gym session

Fitness Assesment

Meet the team at Jubilee Hall gym for a free health and fitness assessment, to start on your fitness journey

Louise's Story


Louise decided to join SW Fitness and take control of her personal fitness, read about her 12 week transformation.