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Why SW Fitness Resistance Bands?

SW Fitness aims to provide you with tailored support in improving your mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Resistance Bands along with our selected Personal Training & Diet Plans can help progress you to achieve your overall fitness goals.

SW Fitness is dedicated in supporting you with the right training programs; whether at Home, in a Gym or Outside in your own personal space.

3 x resistance bands

Train Indoors Or Outside

What Do You Get?


3 High Quality SW Fitness Resistance Bands

SW Fitness tried and tested Resistance Bands are high grade latex-rubber compound, 41” in length and ranging from 2kg to 36kg in resistance.

These give you the flexibility to increase resistance through doubling or tripling over each band or combining bands together to increase tension and resistance without limiting your training.


Adaptable for all levels

Due to the adaptability of SW Fitness Resistance Bands they can be used for all levels.

From a new starter to the most experienced, variable tensions ensure you can increase or decrease the load ensuring exhaustion of the muscle.


Gym & Home Workouts

Bands are amazing for any location, they can be both a workout on their own or make great additions to any gym workout, you can replicate any exercise you would normally execute.

From a squat to a chest press, our program will keep you right.


Aiding Muscle and Mind Connection

SW Fitness Resistance Bands are great for establishing improved connection between muscle and mind.

Whether fixed machines or pull / press machines these target single muscle groups and motion; whereas SW Fitness Resistance bands will help you engage more stabilising and core muscles giving greater control to the muscular contraction and extension, which will help increase core strength and improve posture overall.

Order Your Home Training Pack

Resistance Bands × 3

Three high quality resistance bands, each 41 inches in length:

  • 2-16kg resistance (red)
  • 4-23kg resistance (black)
  • 11-36kg resistance (purple)

Instagram Training Videos

Exclusive access to the SW Fitness Instagram Exercise Video Bank which demonstrates perfect form to maximise your home training progress.

SW Fitness Offer

One complementary training session. Choose from:

  • Virtual Yoga or
  • Virtual PT session or
  • One to One PT Session or
  • 25% Off Option 2 from the Online Training Plans.

Further details on the above offer is included within the pack.


The SW Fitness Home Training Pack is £30.00 (GBP). Shipping costs vary depending on location.

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SW Fitness Resistance Band Home Training Pack
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Online Order FAQs

Which payment methods do you accept?

SW Fitness payments are handled by PayPal who accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express cards.

Can I return my bands?

If you’re not satisfied with your resistance bands, you may return the bands for a refund within 28 days of receiving your order.

What are the delivery times?

All orders will be dispatched within 48 hours of ordering. UK public holidays may affect your delivery time.

Any other questions?

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