Andrea Saer


A Peruvian/Canadian Graphic Designer and Illustrator, her own personal journey with anxiety and sports injuries led her to find Yoga, and after practising it for 7 years she decided to further her practice and become a Certified Yoga Teacher, and keep bringing Yoga to others whether they’re on a journey for physical or mental improvement. 


Philosophy on exercise and well being 

Andrea’s approach to Yoga is fuelled by the belief that Yoga truly is for everybody (and every body). “If you can breathe, you can do Yoga” as she learned in her teacher training, and it’s even better if you approach it with a little sense of humour and willingness to try to move your body in ways you might not be used to in your day-to-day. Yoga is wonderfully adaptable and can be tailored to suit specific needs.


  • BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Major in Graphic Design

  • MA Communication Design – Illustration

  • Certified Yoga Teacher (200hr) with Yoga for Anxiety Certification

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